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  You can buy boosts in the store in the game for the price between 160rp (2 wins) and 3490rp (30days). Boosts can be better than buying champions with rp if you play enough games and win enough games while boost is active. Also, if you are planning to make a sub account(smurfing account), it is great idea to buy a xp boost, so you can get to lvl 30 easily. However, boost is risky since if you don't play enough games, it is an easy way to lose and waste your rp. Use the table below to check how many games you have to play to make profit from buying boost. Information on rp boost is not available since there is no way to convert rp to xp, and information about ip boost is based on champions that are 6300ip, 975rp, not considering sales. If you are planning to buy cheaper champions, efficiency of boosts will go up. Average profit per win of an ip boost is 143 to 145 in normal games and 158 to 168 in ranked games. In the table, this value was assumed 150.

Price of the boost Duration of the boost min. ip to make profit Wins needed/possible ip
160rp 2 wins 1033 300
290rp 4 wins 1873 600
670rp 10 wins 4329 1500
1250rp 20 wins 8076 3000
2560rp 50wins 16541 7500
290rp 1 day 1873 12 wins
520rp 3 days 3360 23 wins
1020rp 7 days 6590 44 wins
1846rp 14 days 11928 80 wins
3490rp 30 days 22550 151 wins

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Conversion of rp price of boost to ip was done in assuption that 6300ip = 975rp, which is not true if you are planning to buy a champion that is not 6300ip, or anything else. For the champions that are cheaper than 6300ip, the efficiency of ip is higher, because they are more efficient when you buy them with ip. For example, if you are buying a champion that is 3150ip, it's ip price is half but it's rp price is only about 20% less than the price of 6300ip champion. To get the exact ip value of the boost, you have to multiply following values.
3150ip - 1.62
4800ip - 1.18
6300ip - 1.00

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