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Press ctrl+F to look for the skin you want to buy. About 700 skins are available at this point, so if your skin have not been recently on sale(in 2 months), your chance of getting your favorite skin on the next sale is about 4/700, which is about 0.5714%. In one year, there is about 52 weeks, 104 sets of sale. This brings your chance up to about 45%. Check the table below to check your chance of getting your skin on sale.

Time you wait Chance of your skin/champion being on sale
1 set of sales (4 skins/champs) 0.5714%
1 week (2 sets of sales) 1.139%
4 weeks (8 sets of sales) 4.481%
1 year (104 sets of sales) 44.90%

These probabilities might seem lower than you think because you usually have more than 1 skin in your mind. As you take more skins into consideration, chance will rise drastically. Also, table above have skins that are limited avilabiliy which don't get on the regular sale schedule, you chance is about 30% higher than the number in the table (for example, 4.481 will be about 6 to 7%). Average time for a skin to be back on sale was

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