Sale History RP Usage Tips

League Finance


  These are some facts that some league players don't know that may be helpful to know.
1. If you are short of 1-3rp to buy something, you can request it to Riot by leaving a post on the user help section of the
2. Before playing first game, and after champion remake, you may be able to refund the champion.(depends on the server)
3. You can get to level 30 easily using custom games.(click here for more info)
4. You need about 20k ip to buy the basic runes you need after lvl20
5. Custom skins are legal

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Above is one example of a custom skin. They are free and legal skins that only you can see. Other people won't even notice that you are using it. You can find custom skins in various websites, and it involves installing and substituting code.

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